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It is often said that the strength of America lies in its diversity - yet many Americans (and obviously the enemies of America) forget that unlike most nations, America is a “union” of states, each with its own government, its own goals, its own strengths and weaknesses.  It should come as no surprise, then, that upon completing the Declaration of Independence in 1776, the 1st Continental Congress distributed hundreds of copies around Philadelphia and for members to take home with them, and as the first official reading of the Declaration ended, the crowd rose an in unison shouted:  "God Bless These American States."  We are the “United” States of America, not just “America,” and it is the stitching together of these geographic and sometimes philosophical differences that makes America greater and stronger than the sum of our “parts.”

We understand that the founding fathers and the amazing documents they created were all prepared to provide liberty to individuals, independence for the original 13 colonies and “interdependence” among all states to ensure that each is defended as part of the whole, and that interstate commerce and travel is never a problem.  We are major proponents of “states rights” in the purest form of that term, not to allow fringe “societies” to escape the uniform rule of law, but to ensure that Americans have maximum choice in their place of residence

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