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Cultivating Character
Back to The Future - A Return to Character, Honor, Decency, Civility, Ethics

If you’re old enough to remember a TV Character named “Manners, The Butler,” then you’re old enough to remember when nothing was more important than your character:  Your word must be golden, your performance must be at all times the very best you can do, your treatment of fellow human beings must be firm but gentle.  In short, we were instilled with a core philosophy that being an American meant ladies and gentlemen being treated like ladies and gentlemen.  Quite frankly, without such bedrock principles at our foundation, pretty much nothing works right - and the chances of bad or even dangerous personal and group behavior increase exponentially.  We are far less likely to have to deal with the rampant problems of alcohol, drug and spousal abuse (and the horrendous cost associated with each), if our children are taught from infancy that their behavior matters - that who they become is a matter of Character first.

At UpWithAmerica, our goal is to seek partners who are reintroducing Character children of all ages - but especially those who seek to instill character, honor, decency, civility and ethics at home in the preschool years.  Additionally, we are developing a Character Counts Rewards system that acknowledges successful examples of both teaching and learning appropriate civil behavior.  In doing so, we know we can help reduce crime, increase school graduation rates, reduce instances of bullying, reduce the chances of deranged children committing heinous mass murders and much more.

The first and best sort of character - just as is the case with our individual rights and freedoms - comes from God.  No matter what religion or faith you practice, at its core will be a system of behavior or beliefs by which to live a better and honorable life. We have little doubt that our Founders felt no need to a create new set of guiding principles - since those on which they built this nation came directly to man from God in the form of the prophets, the Bible and The 10 Commandments.

We are all creatures of habit and their is much to be said for a cultural system that rewards people for being nice, acting nice, looking nice.  It's much more about how we try to make others feel and, in the process, make ourselves better, too! At the turn of the Millenium, a group came together to form The Foundation for a Better Life - known to most online as ""  Its objective is to promote positive values and encourage viewers to "Pass Them On."  The Foundation communicates these values through inspiring messages on TV and radio, in movie theaters, in outdoor advertising and on the Internet.  As is the case with with Up With America, the Foundation for a Better Life believes that "people are basically good and often benefit from a simple reminder ... and so they create their messages with the goal of promote good values, good role models and a better life."

In short, is working both smart and hard to "cultivate character" - the essence of what led people to create America in the first place - and the foundation on which it has been built.  So, rather than completely reinvent the wheel, Up with American will focus on specific, topical aspects of character and ethics and will otherwsie, lean heavily on as our "partner" in developing Smart Solutions for our Society and our culture.

We encourage you to visit and to take advantage of their many powerful and positive messages.  Here are just a few fabulous examples from The Foundation for a Better Life!





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