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American Energy Independence by 2026

It is essential that America commit to achieving the goal of Total Energy Independence by 2026 - the celebration of the 250th Anniversary of American Independence.  No single effort in this period will be more important for the strength of our economy, our national defense, creation of private sector jobs, the long-range stability of this Nation and the well-being of our citizens. Achieving Energy Independence will contribute so much money that it will enable America to do all the things we need to do (and some of the things we want to do), without raiding our wallets or mortgaging our children’s’ future.

As of 2014, good-old American free enterprise and capitalism has already “primed the pump,” so much so that we are close to becoming energy self-sufficient. Our early American forefathers, as they looked out over the richest and most beautiful land on earth, could not possibly have known what lay beneath it or what power it could yield:  abundant, reliable, affordable supplies of oil and natural gas. Today, we are already the world’s leading

producer of oil and natural gas and, by joining with our Canadian friends to the north, could actually produce 100% of the world’s liquid fuel needs by the time of our 250th Birthday.

If this lofty goal sounds remotely familiar - it should. President John F. Kennedy understood the importance - the necessity - of setting very specific goals. In a speech before Congress on May 21, 1961 - barely two weeks after the United States launched its first successful manned mission into space, President Kennedy captured the imagination of the entire Country by establishing the goal of “landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth - by the end of that decade!).  Doing so, JFK set in motion the best America has to offer and working hard, working together and sacrificing when necessary that goal was achieved just over eight year later on July 20th, 1969.

If and when the President signs off on building The Keystone Pipeline – a project that in and of itself will create thousands of jobs, the path will be cleared.  Many Americans have been led to believe somehow that the XL Keystone Pipeline will join the Alaska Pipeline of the 1970s as the only major pipelines.  Yet a quick look at the map to the left proves - America already has the largest network of oil and natural gas pipelines on earth.  Collectively, almost 175 lines safely span more than 2.5 million miles and carry almost 15 billion (with a capital “B”) barrels of crude oil and 25 trillion (with a capital “T”) cubic feet of natural gas.  The bottom line is that if we’re going to have to purchase fuel temporarily from other countries, we might as well buy it from our good friends not our enemies.  Concurrently, we must continue to encourage drilling for oil and gas on private AND public lands - always requiring that only the very safest techniques be used every step of the way.

An important by-product of Energy Independence is the removal of any dependency on nations which breed, foster or harbor the terrorists who have wrought fear and havoc on innocent American citizens for almost 1/2 century.

It’s important to separate the hard, cold facts from the misinformation that has come to overwhelm this crisis:  Energy powers America and our economy – some $1.2 trillion annually (or 8% of the entire economy) and accounts for almost 6% of US employment – almost 10 Million men and women. The goal of Energy Independence by 2026 cannot be undervalued - or overemphasized.  Doing so unleashes the best of free men, liberty & capitalism to meet the challenge, solve the problems & deliver the results.  

Our specific recommendations include the temporary expansion and use of fossil fuels found beneath American soil - IF and only if the corporations embarking on that use develop safety plans for its use and an end game - to either replace fossil fuels with efficient, effective, abundant, economical and renewable fuels.  We're developing plans even now, but the shortest path to success in America is almost always the one that unleases capitalism on a problem..

For a complete transcript or videotape of JFK’s speech to Congress, go to:  (

The Benefits of Energy Independence by 2026

Reduces the Cost of Energy

Increases in the Efficiency of New Energy Sources

Increases Private Sector Job Creation

Helps to Balance the Federal Budget

Helps to Reduce the National Debt

Helps Pay for a Strong Defense

Improves the Safety of Nuclear Power

Reduces the Need & Use of Internal Combustion Engines

Promotes the Development of Energy without Heat

Increases in the Value & Efficiency of Other Renewable Resources

Increases the Value of a Dollar

Ends US Dependence on Nation’s that Support Terrorism

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