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Our Remarkable Founding Documents

If a ship were to set a course from New York Harbor bound for the ancient city of Athens, Greece in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea - a distance of 4,921 miles and be off a mere 1 degree, surprised passengers would find themselves arriving instead in Portugal! It’s no wonder that sailors through the ages became experts at navigation.

The same principle applies to maintaining a successful America - a nation strong enough to withstand shifting contemporary societal and cultural winds and whims. The bedrock principles that serve as our compass can be found

in the words that comprise our magnificent Constitution.  All the advances in shipbuilding from raw material to raw power cannot change the importance of maintaining your course. Such is true of America.

Think of our Constitution as a national GPS System, built using a moral compass founded on God.  To right the Ship of State for the future, we must reach into the past to our Constitution which provides the framework for everything we are and for everything we do.

Thomas Jefferson
Principal Author of The Declaration of Independence (1743 - 1826)

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