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Up With America is committed to the philosophy that government - at ANY level - should only do for “We The People” those things which cannot be done better, more effectively or more efficiently by individuals and private enterprise. We insist on using that principle ... and the United States Constitution ... as the bedrock foundation of American liberty.  Although political parties can and perhaps should be a valuable asset to America by encouraging like-minded individuals to band together, their continued success has become more important to special interests and elected officials than the people they were created to lead.  Today's political parties are a BIG part of the problem.  We are committed to remaining strictly non-partisan in American politics, favoring instead to root our efforts in reviving the spirit, honor and principles of the Founders. To achieve real reform, we engage individuals and the private sector beginning at the most local levels to force elected officials to finally make the changes that move us toward a new era of American Liberty ... and encourage a new generation to run for office to make these changes.

INFORM. Thomas Jefferson said “Enlighten the people generally & tyranny & oppressions of body & mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.”  Until & unless Americans become educated as to the brilliance, simplicity & functionality of our Constitution, America will continue its slide down the path to socialism & tyranny. We partner with organizations focused on teaching American history & philosophy & offer educational programs online as well as through our seminars & events.

INSPIRE.  Throughout civilization, all the major breakthroughs in science, art and government came about by inspired thinking - and by inspiring others.  Using modern technology to bring history back to life, we exist to inspire a new generation of American Patriots to cherish our past by insuring our future.

CELEBRATE.  To make a difference, to embrace the best of the past to help mold the future of of this great nation, we must use all these tools to ignite the flames of change - and we must celebrate the achievements of those Americans who have willingly taken the baton and in their private lives or public forums, created new opportunities for American pride.

COMMIT. Throughout history, mankind most often judges the character of a nation (or a man) by the consistency with which it keeps its word.  Whether promising a lifetime of services & honor to the men & women who enlist in the armed forces to defend & protect us, or pledging either action or inaction against any rival nations who threaten our interests, in the end, America is only as good as her word.  That's why our #1 Goal is to make our veterans whole again with no exceptions & no excuses.

INNOVATE.  Some suggest that the liberties granted to us by God & guaranteed to us by the Constitution are out of date today. They would alter the very principles which created this nation and kept it on course for almost 250 years. The Constitution isn’t perfect, but our Founders knew that & allowed for modifications - changes not based on fad or fashion, but on human rights & liberty. We promote change, but only within the framework of Constitutional law.

COMMUNICATE.  Although it may be said that the first half-century of mass communications offered a less than enlightening perspective on the affairs of man, favoring instead to be content with exploring the medium itself, we embrace modern communications technology to expand awareness & to inform, inspire & motivate new patriots with only the facts ... the truth.

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