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Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure

Up With America is committed to the longstanding American philosophy that government should only do and/or be involved in those things and activities that cannot be done better, faster, cheaper and more efficiently than can individuals, groups and even corporations. Along with national defense, building, rebuilding and maintaining our intrastate infrastructure can really only be accomplished with any degree of

consistency by federal, state and local governments using PRIVATE contractors. The result? A strong, ever-improving network of infrastructure; a strong economy to build it; and a strong economy that’s the result of it.
If it’s true that government doesn’t really “create” jobs, it’s just as true that private enterprise cannot rebuild our extensive infrastructure and create new jobs without government cooperation, coordination and at least seed money. And with the impending doom of runaway government spending has placed our entire system in jeopardy.

To paraphrase South Carolina State Senator Ray Cleary, “The outcry is always the same: we need to run government more like a business...more efficiently with a reduction of waste. But we never live by that motto. We replace common sense and sound economic practices with short-sighted decisions that make voters happy today but broke tomorrow.

Ask yourself if any successful business would ever allow its' own buildings to crumble and collapse...or choose not to change the oil in its' fleet of trucks to save money? It's time for a change, time for common sense and time for you, the public to become actively involved.”
So, once again, it’s goal-setting time. Working backwards from 2026 - and including carefully studying and researching which projects are mandatory and fundamental and which can be at least postponed until later - we must repair our roads, bridges, tunnels, power grids, water and sewer systems … and then put America’s finest workers and the companies that employ them hard at work.

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