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Job #1:  To Provide for the Common Defense

“Let every nation know ... that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and the success of liberty.” ~ John F. Kennedy (1961)

Up With America is dedicated to the proposition that in order to maintain a more perfect union, we must maintain and increase our military superiority - never again to be challenged by “another superpower;” always prepared with dedicated men and women and always armed with the safest and most sophisticated weaponry and technology on earth.

Somewhere in the world today, groups of evil thugs such as Hamas and Al Queda are huddled together plotting what they believe is the ultimate demise of the United States of America.  Perhaps another September 11th.  Certainly many more USS Cole-style attacks.  Curiously, they have failed to study history - failed to understand the resolve of the American people - the resolve of free people everywhere.  It is true, we may not have learned how to fight “insurgents” who blow up themselves and cars in order to kill one or two Americans.  But we will learn - and if they believe our response to September 11th was excessive, “they ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

For more than two centuries, our finest men and women have met the challenge and risen to the occasion ... time after time defeating the enemies of the United States - and of free people everywhere.  These brave men and women fought and sometimes died so that our great experiment could endure.

Lest any Americans today believe the propaganda of our newest enemies - that we are aggressors, or “imperialists,” understand this:  For almost a century, America has been a superpower.  For almost a quarter century, America has been the world’s only superpower.  Like great empires throughout history, we have the power and the might to overrun any country, anywhere, anytime.  But unlike those imperialist nations, we are always restrained, we do not conquer and our very system of liberty and laws limits us to use force only to defend ourselves and the defenseless.

America will NOT be defeated from outside her borders - or by terrorists hiding within her borders.  At the very foundation of our democracy, in our Declaration of Independence and in our Constitution, we understand what it means to provide for the common defense.

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