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Reasonable Regulations Work for Everyone
Too Little Regulation is as Bad as Too Much

There is little doubt and plenty of ample proof that all government - especially our Federal Government, tends to grow much larger and much faster than most intended if left unchecked. An outgrowth of that natural phenomenon is “the government regulation” - tens of millions of laws, rules and regulations about almost every aspect of American life - especially what was intended to be American Free Enterprise.
It is critical, however, for Americans to understand that ‘some’ regulation is absolutely necessary and to keep in mind that the proper and appropriate intent of limited government regulations is not to pry into the internal activities of private businesses nor peek behind the curtains of private individuals, but to keep those who would abuse the opportunity presented by American liberty. We have a Federal Constitution and laws and we have State Constitutions and laws, and we have local documents and laws - each and all designed as much to ensure our ability to enjoy “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” as to prevent others from infringing upon it. We would no more accept a lawless anarchy as our society and we cannot except the abuse of people and property by individuals and businesses.
UpWithAmerica proposes that the nation establish a non-partisan commission to review and study the best and worst examples of government regulation and then to put forth a system that, while keeping abuse in check, fosters and even promotes appropriate corporate behavior. We further assert that it is important to research, project and predict the “unintended consequence” of what otherwise may appear to be simple efforts at either regulating or deregulating a business or activity.
It is truly one of the ironies of America that we built a nation on a series of very short documents but have grown a Federal Government and system that like an Octopus with a million tentacles, needs tens of thousands of words and thousands of pages to “manage.” The Affordable Care & Patient Protection Act, as just one example and without weighing in on its merits and pros and cons, is 2,700+ typewritten pages long. It’s been estimated that the average paperback novel is about 150 pages. Margaret Mitchell needed only 1,047 pages to create one of the most epic novels of all time, Gone With The Wind. Even the profits were more concise: most editions of The Holy Bible are only 1,900 pages in length!
All this is made even more amazing considering the nature of our founders to believe in brevity and writing lasting documents that encompassed great issues. The Declaration of Independence has only 1458 words. The United States Constitution was completed in 1787 and consisted of just 4543 words - including the signatures! And, not including the first 10 amendments, now referred to as The Bill of Rights (which were adopted almost exactly two years after the original document), has only been amended 17 times since then!

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