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Restructuring & Refocusing Government

A primary objective of Up With America is to demand that elected officials and bureaucrats return to a focused and limited form of federal government. We believe that the federal government should operate within a balanced budget and that we must pass a Constitutional Amendment that requires such fiscal responsibility.

We believe in the wisdom of the Founding Fathers creating three separate but equal branches of government, ensuring that no person or branch of government has too much authority.

We believe that government at all levels should only perform those functions which cannot be performed better, more effectively, more efficiently or more economically by private individuals or private enterprise.

To accomplish these fundamental founding principles, Up With America actively supports and promotes these Smart Solutions for America's federal government

Restoring Full Benefits to All Veterans Immediately (2014)

Constitutional Amendments:

28th Amendment.  Term Limits for Members of the United States House of Representatives (to begin 4 years after passage).  Maximum of six (6), two-year terms, a total of twelve years in office.  Term Limits for Members of the United States Senate (to begin 6 years after passage).  Maximum of two (2), six-year terms, a total of twelve years in office. As the Founders envisioned, America must be govened by the people and limiting terms in office helps to guarantee citizen, not professional, legislators. These two Amendments are absolutely critical to saving American from a permanent class of incumbent politician - and the money that follows along behind them like dogs in heat.
29th Amendment. Requiring the Congress to pass and the president to sign a balanced budget every year.
30th Amendment.  Requiring that no person who is now or has ever served as a member of the United States House of Representatives or the United States Senate shall be permitted to serve as a paid lobbyist for any corporation, special interest, organization or other entity.

Sweeping Tax Reform to Simplify Compliance and Maximize Return

Streamlining & Strengthening our National Defense.  Incentivizing our military-industrial complex to find efficiencies that reduce costs and developing systems and weaponry that dramatically reduce the need for "boots on the ground" in any hostile environment.  

Reform Our Election & Campaign Process.  It's time to revisit the manner in which money is raised and spent - a system which has helped perpetuate an "incumbent protection plan" that insulates elected officials from their real constituency and enables government to engage in activities and spend monies without recourse.  Several American towns and cities have successfully altered elections to the result they now encourage individuals to run for public office.

Establish One Language. American is still the great melting pot of the world - the only nation that needs to build wals to keep people out, not in.  But even as we encourage legal immigration and diversity of nationality, race, religious beliefs and more, we cannot afford at the same time to discourage effective, efficient communication.  Congress needs to pass and the President needs to sign legislation (or even another Constitutional Amendment), establishing English as the Official Language of the United States of America, while providing for the teaching of all other languages in our public schools.

Embracing Common Sense Conservation.  It is as preposterous for those on the so-called "right" to suggest that man and machines have little or no impact on the environment as it is for those on the so-called left to cause all manor of human cost and misery over a nearly-extinct fish.  It's time for all of us to agree:  The Blue Marble is our home - all of us.  Everything we do impacts the earth - so we must develop and share goals that minimize or shorten damage and maximize the earth's ability to regenerate itself. There is no doubt whatsoever that there is always "climate change," and regardless of the impact of humans on it, we must work to maintain the best environment.

Investing In Infrastructure.  Unless it's happened in the last few weeks, the Federal Government does not maintain hundreds of bilions of dollars worth of construction equipment - road graders, haulers, graders, bridge cranes, steel and concrete.  Nor is there an army of Federal Employees waiting at home for the next opportunity to dig a hole or fill a pothole.  America's infrastructure, which is crumbling around us at an alarming rate, is BUILT by private enterprise employing PRIVATE citizens - outstanding jobs for a weary economy.  The Federal Government CAN, on the other hand, establish the goal of rebuilding roads and bridges and other infrastructure such as underground utilities by no later than 2026 - and then working with state and local government and private enterprise to get the job done fast - and cheap.

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