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Speak Out America!

Politicians respond to money and pressure - and since we're trying to rid politics of "big money," applying pressure will have to do for now. If you understand your issues, and becoming part of UpWithAmerica can be very helpful, you can still have a major impact on the elected officials that are responsible to you - The President, both of your US Senators, your member of the US House of Representatives, your Governor, member or members of your State legislature, plus all the elected officials in your town, city and/or county. To make Speaking Out easier, we've provided links on this page to the President and both Houses of Congress. To reach your state and local representatives, click HERE or go find A More

Perfect Union on our navigation bar. There you will find the flag of every state in the union, which has been hotlinked for you convenience directly to the official website for your state.
A few words about what works - and what doesn't. You might think that the Internet is the best thing that's ever happened to connecting the the voting public to their elected officials in a democracy - but if you think that, you'd be wrong. The White House, Senate and House have all created ways of making it easier to "click send" - but much harder to have any impact. You'll notice that almost NO members of Congress, for example, actually provide you with an Email Address. Instead, you'll have to complete a form, which is then delivered to a mailbox and read by some low level employee. Even if you DID have a direct Email address to the President or your member of the House or Senate, deflecting "unwanted" email is easy - or worse, using an "auto-responder" that pretends they actually care about your concerns. So, we encourge you to go ahead and pound your elected officials with Emails - but if you REALLY want to have an impact, or at least get their attention, there's nothing better than a good old-fashioned phone call, or better yet, a personal visit. What do you think would happen if 2.5 million people flooded the phone lines

of Congress demanding, for example, an End to Deficit Spending? Suddenly, all that money in the pockets of those lobbyists outside the door of your congressman or woman's office doesn't count for quite as much.
As a result, when appropriate, we'll be in touch with our members to help us Speak Out America in unision about a critical issue. One such issue we encourage you to call about even now - and that is to let the President and your members of Congress know that unless and until they restore full benefits to every living veteran and their families, you'll be working against them in the next election.
Finally, politicians often live and die by "the polls," so we'll be doing plenty of it. Our polls will appear right here on our website, will allow only one entry per member and will allow us and you to use the results to influence your elected officials. Contact Your Elected Officials! Speak Out!

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